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Op. 7 Rostam & Sohrab, Opera ( Persian and English)
Op. 11 Pardis & Parisa, Opera (Persian, English and Armenian)
Op. 37 Rostam & Esfandyar. Persian
Op. 39 Siyawash,  Persian      
Op. 41 Zahak , Persian
Op. 42 Mowlana, Persian  
Op. 44 Last hours of Sadegh Hedayat

Ballet-Dance Drama
Op. 2 Dances Fantastic for 3 Pianos and Percussion
Op. 12 Simorgh- Dance Drama for Iranian National Instruments
Op. 18 "Othello" Ballet in two acts for Orchestra

Op. 13 Symphony no.1 (Requiem for the Massacred) for choir and orchestra
Op. 19 Symphony no. 2 ( Credo) for Choir and Orchestra
Op. 24 Symphony no. 3 (Dialogue of the civilization) for Orchestra
Op. 26 Symphony no. 4 (Armenia 1918) for chamber Orchestra
Op. 28 Symphony no. 5 (Christianity in Armenia 301)

Orchestral Suites
Op. 2 Dances Fantastic
Op .7 Rostam & Sohrab Suite for Choir and Orchestra, Persian
Op. 11 Pardis & Parisa Suite no.1
Op. 11 Pardis & Parisa Suite no.2
Op. 18 Othello suite
Op. 32 Love Song Suite
Op. 34 Ararat Suite
Op. 35 Straussiana
Op. 42

'King Cyrus' Symphonic Suite for Choir, Narrator, English and Orchestra


Choral Works
Op. 16

The Life of Christ for solo Tenor, Baritone & A cappella male Choir Based on Armenian Medieval Chants, Armenian and English

Op. 17

The medieval Armenian composers, Armenian for solo backstage Soprano, Choir and Percussion ensemble, Armenian 

Op. 20

Armenian Requiem for solo Soprano, Tenor, Choir and Orchestra, Armenian and English

Op. 21

The cast of Lucifer for Solo Tenor,Baritone, Sprach choir and Orchestra, German

Op. 23 God is Love, For Choir and Organ / for Choir and Orchestra. English
Op. 36 Fatherland for Choir and Orchestra, Armenian and Persian
Op. 37 Armenian Sunrise Service for solo Tenor & Bariton and Choir, Armenian
Op. 39 Repose of Soul, Armenian Funeral music Choir and orchestra
Op. 46 "Peace" Symphonic Suite for Choir and Orchestra
Op. 47 "IRAN" Symphonic Suite "War & Peace" for Choir & Orchestra

Music For Percussion
Op. 1a For Percussion and Solo Trumpet
Op. 1b For Soprano, Choir and Percussion
Op. 2

Dances Fantastic for 2 or 3 Pianos and Percussion for solo backsyage trumpet and Percussion ensemble.

Op. 13

Symphony no.1 Requiem for the massacred

Op. 14 Moods for oboe and Percussion
Op. 34 Ararat suite for 2 Pianos and Percussion

Music For Piano
Op. 2 Dances Fantastic for piano
Op. 4 Sonatine no.1
Op. 6 Sonatine no.2
Op. 7 Prelude for piano (Rostam & Sohrab)
Op. 7 Introduction and Toccata (Rostam & Sohrab)
Op. 8 Kaleidoscope for the Young Pianists
Op. 9

Armenian Bagatelles  (Kaleidoscope volume 2)

Op. 9 Armenian  Miniatures (Kaleidoscope volume 2)
Op. 9 Good Friday  (Kaleidoscope volume 2)
Op. 31 16 loce songs for piano
Op. 45 Armenia 1915 for Piano

Op. 1 Concerto for Violin and String orchestra 
Op. 3 Concerto for piano and Orchestra
Op. 5 Yasemin for Piano and Orchestra
Op. 27 Concerto for Percussion( Glockenspiel, Xylophone abdcVibraphone) and Orchestra
Op. 30 Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra
Op. 33 Nostalgia for Piano and Orchestra

Chamber Music
Op. 1 Wood Wind Quintet
Op. 7 Divertimento for Clt, Tpt, Vib,Tbn.
Op. 8 Armenian Bagatelles for Flt. Clt. Tpt, Trbn
Op. 8 Armenian Bagatelles for string Quartet
Op. 10 Song and Dances for Flt. Vib, DB
Op. 11 Octet for Flt, Hrn, Vib,Celesta, Harp, Gtr, Violin and DB
Op. 12 Septet for Flt,Clt.Hrn,2Perc.Violin, DB
Op. 15 Sinfonita for 12 solo wind and strings

String Orchestra
Op. 11 Seranake (Lake van) for 12 solo strings
Op. 15 Sinfonieta (Erebouni 2750) for 12 solo string
Op. 31 love song suite for harp, piano, Perrc,String
Op. 35 Straussiana for Harp, Piano, Perc. Strings

OP. 31 16 Love songs for Soprano, Mezzo. Tenor and orchestra
OP. 31 16 Love Songs for Solo Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor and Piano

Wind Ensemble
Op. 2 Dances Fantastic
Op. 32 Love Song Suite
Op. 34 Ararat Suite
Op. 36 Fatherland

Orchestras that have performed Tjeknavorian's music
American Symphony Orchestra (New York), Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, English Chamber Orchestra, Haifa Symphony Orchestra, Halle Orchestra, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, Mexico State Symphony Orchestra, Nebraska Chamber Orchestra, New Orleans Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra, Rio de Janeiro Symphony Orchestra, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra (Minnesota), SABC National Symphony Orchestra (Johannesburg), Tehran Symphony Orchestra, Toluca Symphony Orchestra (Mexico), Ukraine Radio Symphony Orchestra, The Armenian String Virtuosi

Companies & Ensembles that have performed Tjeknavorian's music
Armenian State Opera and Ballet, William Hall Chorale, London Symphony Percussion Virtuosi, New Chamber Soloists (London), New London Ballet Company, Northern Ballet Company (Manchester), Roudaki Hall Soloists (Tehran), Strasbourg Percussion Ensemble, Tehran Opera and Ballet, Vienna Percussion Ensemble
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